A Brief History of Chuckle


I will put Stephen Hawking’s portrait on the wall in my flat. Or make it iPad wallpaper. Or… will just recall what an amazing reminder this great man is to the entire human population on how the ‘impossible is possible’.

For the darkest hour, when you frown, moan and complain – I have created a step-by-step guide to addressing it: 1) look at Stephen Hawking (read his book, spot him in The Simpsons, Futurama, The Big Bang Theory or Star Trek, read this interview at ShortList or catch his movie – basically if you haven’t come across Stephen Hawking you must be living on Mars – and by the way Mr Hawking is getting there eventually so you will meet him soon in space), 2) Chuckle to how silly it is to frown/moan/complain – Stephen Hawking style – and 3) get up and deal with your issues. He’s 71 and going strong. What’s your excuse?

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