Oh My Squat!…


It wouldn’t be a minor underestimation to say that just when the first  sunshine hit the cities in spring all the girls and women in the world (that said who have access to the internet and are interested in keeping fit at least a tiny little bit) got on a squat challenge. Re-phrasing Spice Girls’ lines – ‘I see ya, squat tight’. The trend became massive – and luckily with the help of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (you name it!) one could cheer up and feel the support of fellow squatting women. In fact, it’s amazing how the Internet educates us about nutrition, helps us keep up with fitness goals, and boosts confidence. One of my fav Instagram accounts for daily motivation is Censkiii – put your colourful Nike trainers on, get active and leave food junk behind.

One would think – there can’t be too much of ‘EatCleanTrainDirty’ matra. Or can there? You decide. I just hope that fitness selfies in the toilet still leave some space for BBC World News, a walk in the park or time off, in or out with the loved ones. If not – who’s in for a narcissist challenge? 🙂