Music Moment

Jay-Z, Baby!..

At his age of 43 he’s worth $42M, according to Forbes, and he’s second highest paying rap singer (that’s in the times when they say that music industry profits are going downhill!). The Rolling Stone says ‘he’s is richer than God, and probably about as famous’.

Jay-Z is more than just a rap singer. He’s a businessman. He knows the market and the audience well. And he knows how to appeal to different audiences, too. It pays to be arty – so proves his ‘Picasso Baby’ single – with Basquiats, Warhols and Rothkos making it to the lyrics. Art box ticked – and so Jay-Z carries on with his proper rapper lines. While Picasso Baby’s lyrics is not exactly my style, I do LOVE how Jay-Z launched the single in New York. Art gallery, artists, and… Jay-Z, singing live, for the artists. The video leaves me smiling. Jay-Z brings Picasso’s words – ‘The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls’ – to life.

Jay-Z lives up to another Picasso’s quote – ‘I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money’. That’s THE art of living! 😉