A Quintessentially British Summer Dining At Bumpkin

With Londoners spending every minute in the sunshine of a fantastic British summer, there is one unbeatable reason to go indoors – to enjoy the energy boosting, healthy and simply the best British dining at Bumpkin.

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Having stopped with my friend and a fellow lifestyle guru Sarah by Bumpkin in Chelsea that enjoys a fantastic location just next door to the Chelsea Old Town Hall and Chelsea Farmers market, I escaped into an oasis of a relaxing British countryside to try its super healthy menu that ‘not only tastes good but also does you good’.

Created by Julie Montagu, The Flexi Foodie: Yogini, Health Coach and Wellness Warrior, the super healthy menu features a range of delicious salads, juices and soups that boost health and vitality – all fresh, locally sourced and of the finest quality. The juices are made using a hydraulic cold-press, which ensures that every juice has a quality and flavour that cannot be achieved by any other type of juice extraction. As I am a big fan of the fresh raw vegetable juices, I didn’t hesitate to start my dinner with ‘The Lean Mean Green Machine’ smoothie packed with green kale, tender stem broccoli, watercress, Cox apple, lemon, lime, spirulina and a pinch of ginger.

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With Bumpkin’s fantastic dishes selection, I had a real decision making anxiety. Finally Sarah and I decided to share three amazing starters – Goat’s Cheese & Sticky Caramelised Onion Firebread and Portobello Mushrooms topped with a Cheddar Welsh Rarebit and Cornish Crab with Chopped Egg, Crispy Granary Bread and Homemade Cocktail Sauce – and a bottle of Sicilian Legato wine to go with it. Not only the dishes had a superb taste, the portions at Bumpkin are very generous so you are guaranteed to satisfy your hunger.  

For my main I selected a healthy salad with braised celery, green lentil, wild mushroom, and chestnut with moist, chewy granola clusters, and I opted for adding grilled prawns to my meal. This salad is a real highlight not only of my Bumpkin dinner but the numerous healthy dinner options I have recently explored. Not only it is very healthy but super delicious, too.

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Sarah went for an Aberdeen Angus Fillet Steak with Watercress, Roast Tomato and Chips cooked to perfection. We also had Broccoli with Toasted Almonds and Macaroni Cheese to compliment main courses. We understandably had no space for dessert. 🙂

To explore the super healthy menu at Bumpkin, select your Bumpkin location and book here:

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