Happy Lessons From 20s – By Ryan Allis

Have you heard of Ryan Allis? Well, you have now. He’s the guy who nailed life and business wisdom and put all his knowledge and advice together in 1,284 slides for you to read and learn from titled ‘Lessons From My 20s’.

Before sceptically raising your eyebrows take a note that Ryan, being Harvard Business School dropout, is worth an estimated $40 million, he is the founder of digital marketing company iContact, CEO of social network Connect, chairman of leader network Hive, and more.

I thought you might struggle to go through all the 1,284 slides so I spoke to Ryan to find out about his thoughts on happiness. You are welcome 🙂

What makes you happy? Working on missions that matter. Building companies that make a difference. Being together with others who are passionate

Why are so many people unhappy and what can they do about it, in 3 simple steps? People are unhappy because their life is turning out differently than their dreams, and because they are spending too much time living in the past or the future instead of being fully present and appreciating the present. To be happier, learn to meditate, be present with others, and actually follow your dreams.

Does work-life balance exist for you? I don’t believe in work-life balance. I believe in work-life integration. When you’re working on what you love, you don’t need work-life balance.

Where do social networks stand in terms of making us happier or more sad? Why? There is too much third party content on Facebook that is wasting the mind of a generation of millennials and addicting them to crappy content like TV did in the 1990s. Facebook must change to be more focused on bringing people together and less focused on sharing viral content.

Do you think technology (staying connected all the time, devices we use to automate life etc) make us happier or not? Why? Technology is neutral. In general, I find smartphones to be a good thing as long as you take 1 day a week and turn your smartphone completely off and always get off the internet after 11pm!

What’s the best way to cheer yourself up that works for you perfectly?:) Go for a walk in nature or start working on a creative project!

What are your secrets to being happy? Share in the comment box below! 🙂

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