Burning That Fat with Julia Buckley & Decathlon UK

When you are determined to look and feel good for summer (or all year round), training can go a long way. For me this meant I travelled all the way down to Canada Water to Decathlon UK store to meet the renowned Julia Buckley, a fitness trainer  featured in Cosmopolitan, Runner’s World, Closer, Health and Fitness, Bodyfit, Sport, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent and author of a bestseller book The Fat Burn Revolution, who is adamant that fantastic fitness results can be achieved within home environment, with minimal specialist equipment.

While my copy of Julia/s book is on the way, following the fitness event at Decathlon I got my hands on some of Julia’s pieces of advice, as well as tried and tested in within the store’s environment.





While embarking on the fat burning journey, remember few things (that I have learnt through my own exercise experience and having listened to Julia and my PT friends:

  • Be consistent: include small portions of exercise to start with and do them on a regular basis as opposed to exercising once a month and rewarding yourself with a bagel after
  • Think long-term: Little strokes fell great oaks. Expect to invest time day by day to achieve long-term results which you will then be able to maintain (as opposed to yoyo dieting in advance of an upcoming holiday)
  • Be realistic: how long did it take you to gain all this weight that you are not too happy about? Exactly. It would be ideal to burn all that fat overnight but let’s face it: it’s not how it works!
  • Help yourself: drink lots of water and go for healthier food in your day-to-day breakfast, lunch and dinner decision-making process
  • Get support: whether it’s fitness apps like Zova, PT guidance (like Julia herself – check her website for further details) or friends, make your fitness routine a social business and enjoy it!

Last but not least, remember – it’s not about fat shaming and unrealistic body expectations – no one is forcing you to shred body fit to the levels of those performing at body builder fitness competitions. It’s about the healthier and happier you!

What fitness tricks you have learnt throughout your exercise experience? Share these in the comments below, I’ll be happy to learn about them!