Marathon Recovery: One Thing You Need To Know To Get Back On Your Feet

I’ve always been extremely proud for the people who have the courage, dedication and stamina to train for and complete a marathon! From my friend and a brilliant personal trainer at thirtysevendegrees Lisa Siebenmann who did it a couple of years ago to a colleague Con Franklin who finished it in the amazing time of 4:50 hours this Sunday, I have been following the London Marathon movement from the read gym treadmill sessions at my gym. 🙂

And while my possible marathon journey is yet to happen, what I know for sure is that there is a way for those who did complete the marathon to get back on their feet and complete their marathon recovery. When one can’t really make their way to a massage place to get a well deserved session of deep tissue/sports massage, Urban Massage app comes to your home or office, with a click of a button.

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