Raw Truth About Coconut Water & Coconut Meat – With Mighty Bee

In our coco loco big city lives, the trend of living on coconut water is a breath of fresh air. With all the nutrients real coconuts are rich in (coconut by the way is not nut but fruit, just like plum or cherry) it’s only natural that coconuts in all shapes and forms quickly made it to our tables, post-gym routines and chilled strolls in a park.

However, the is a catch: not all coconut products are made the same. It’s only raw and virgin coconut water that is worth going nuts for (ditch the sugar-packed mainstream coconut drinks that are a far cry from real coconut water), together with coconut meat – the white tender lining inside the shall that – naturally – goes hand in hand with the coconut water. If you are with me on it, let me introduce you to MightyBee – a ‘community committed to change the way we think about, deliver and consume food, one coconut at a time’.



Mighty Bee certified organic water and coconut meat are a true reflection of the company’s support of sustainable organic agriculture. Simple, natural and unadulterated, the products have nothing added and nothing removed. They are served therefore as nature intended – except in a bottle or sustainable packaging.

Mighty Bee deliver virgin coconut water (and meat)made of  Nam hom coconut grown in Ratchaburi in Thailand tree to the bottle (and bag) within 24 hours, by blast-freezing them at the source in Thailand and then shipping it to the UK. Raw coconut water is been cold-pasteurised and can be refrigerated for up to 45 days.

Mighty Bee coconut water has intense aroma and light natural sweetness – and you know it the moment you make a first sip – of a real coconut. Be prepared to walk away from processed sugary coconut drinks completely once you try Mighty Bee. Packed with complex B-vitamins, amino acids and essential minerals, this coconut water retains its freshness and nutrients.

The Virgin Coconut Meat  is high in essential Medium Chain Fatty Acids and trace minerals Manganese-Potassium-Copper. The tender coconut meat hand-scooped from young green nam hom coconuts having a unique texture and subtle flavour. Being a coconut meat dummy I was happy to learn that the meat is highly versatile.  Blended, shredded, grated or straight out the bag, it’s a perfect ingredient for smoothies, salads, coconut ice-cream and soup.



With fair trade approach to their business, Mighty Bee make London go loco about their coconut water and meat. Available in Whole Foods and other stores, it can also be delivered monthly to your door – if you opt into Mighty Bee subscription model which is a great way to stay on track with the healthy coconut nutrition.