Somuchmore Than A Fitness Concept

While media are warning us that as much as 30% of the UK population will be obese by 2030, new fitness concepts popping up across the country are making their fair contribution into making fitness available and affordable for more people. While many fitness concepts want you to get off the sofa and move more, Somuchmore, a new European holistic fitness studios membership, is standing up to its name offering its users the whole new world of healthy active lifestyle.

Speaking so positively of the membership now, to be honest, when I was introduced to Somuchmore when it launched back in May 2015, I was very sceptical. Having tried and tested its rival ClassPass (you can see the article about my experience here), I thought a young European company will struggle to compete with a NYC-headquartered ClassPass and its $54m backing from big investors. In fact, a similar service Striveclub waved its users goodbye having not survived the competition. Would Somuchmore have the same power to sign up a decent amount of exciting studios, offer equal (or better) terms (in ClassPass you can go to each studio 3 times a month only) and compete on price, too? I had to test it to find out.


Just like its big competitor, Somuchmore has a clean user-friendly website (and it has now launched an iPhone app!) and provides access to a range of fitness and active lifestyle activities, from the ‘classic’ bootcamps and military fitness classes, yoga, spin classes, HIIT, TRX training, and aikido to even pole dancing and flamenco.

I was happy to see my favourite Edge Cycle, Evolve Wellness, Hotpod yoga, Voga London, Ten Health & Fitness (formerly Ten Pilates), Yotopia, Paola’s Bodybarre, and super cool Core Collective and Yogasphere (which hosts its classes in the famous Shard viewpoint, among other locations). It doesn’t (yet) feature however 1Rebel, Gymclass (miss my Fight Club classes there!) or Triyoga (sad face).

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With exactly the same monthly fee of £89 however, you can go to your favourite studios more often (provided they have a few locations). In ClassPass your visits to a single studio are limited to 3 times a month, whether you go to the same branch or different branches of a studio, while Somuchmore treats each branch of a studio as an individual one, so if you are a fan of Ten Health and Fitness you can go to each of its locations three times a month.

While Somuchmore seems to have an excellent presentation across farther parts of London and a limited choice of centrally-located studios (full list is available here), there is something that I admire it for – what money can’t buy. That is the company’s active involvement in London’s health and fitness community where physical and mental conditioning go hand in hand.  Somuchmore is the largest holistic wellbeing community in Europe and it’s the only platform that combines fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and alternative holistic therapies.

To be a part of it and join free featured classes and nutrition and mindfulness events, follow the company on social media.

Last but not least, 14 day free trial available! Sign up here: