Going Loco About Cuckoo Bircher Muesli

Whether breakfast is the most important part of the day or not, and whether you are not supposed to miss it (or are you), I personally need some fuel in the morning to wake me up and energise for the day. With very little time to make food before heading to the office and avoiding the likes of EAT and Pret on my way to work, I discovered Cuckoo – bircher muesli that promise all natural, low GI, high finer and protein breakfast suitable for vegetarians.

Cuckoo bircher muesli

Coming in five fantastic flavour combinations, Cuckoo bircher muesli are a glorious blend of chunky fruit, British jumbo oats, creamy yoghurt and super-food linseed. Choose from Coconut & Mango with a tropical twist of lime and ginger; Choco Sour Cherry with a smooth layer of Madagascan Vanilla; Apple & Cinnamon spice with plump and juicy flame raisins (are you getting hungry just by reading this? I am!); Elderflower & Cranberry  with blueberry and blackcurrant compote; and Apricot and Madagascan Vanilla with tangy raspberry compote.

Cuckoo bircher muesli taste just as good as these flavour combinations sound (and even better!) and are probably the most delicious healthy treat I’ve ever had!  I would genuinely struggle to pick my favourite as all five flavours are insanely good. What I can say is that if you want to have the bircher muesli as a healthier alternative to a dessert dish – go for Choco Sour Cherry. Otherwise – try them all and decide which you enjoy most. 🙂

Cuckoo bircher muesli


Having a little voice in my head telling me that something THIS delicious simply can’t be that healthy, I checked the food label for you. First things first: breakfast pots are made of only natural ingredients! Natural live British yoghurt, wholegrain jumbo British oats, fruit, linseeds, coconut, ginger and natural flavouring.

Cuckoo pots are high in fibre (around 6 grams per pot) and protein (around 7 grams per pot), and  have only 5.4 grams of fat (1.5 of which is saturated). Just as with other natural products and foods the key is to watch the carbs and sugar which these muesli pots contain 36.5 grams and 16.1 grams or so accordingly.


Cuckoo bircher muesli


Not only Cuckoo bircher muesli are full of goodness, the story behind it is also simply great. Cuckoo was created by two school friends Anna and Lucy who both have passion of good food. Read the full story here and check out what other people have to say about the little pots of happiness!

From Selfridges to Waitrose, Cuckoo breakfast pots are available in stores across the UK. And if the pots themselves are not enough to satisfy your taste buds (not possible), there are easy to make and pretty recipes available on Cuckoo website here. Enjoy!