Get The Hottest Breakfast In Town (And It’s Not What You Think)

I don’t know about you but if anything I consider myself a night owl rather than an early bird and there’s hardly anything that can get me out of bed early in the morning. Except for The Hot Breakfast which is the hottest breakfast club in town that comes with meeting fantastic people so you can forget those awkward conversations at networking events. So here I was – the first guest at a gorgeous apartment in Battersea that belongs to The Hot Breakfast Founder Kate Pumphrey. bright an early.

the hot breakfast kate pumphrey

‘Meet good people. Eat a good breakfast. Change the world’ is the motto of The Hot Breakfast.  Instead it should really be saying ‘Meet fantastic likeminded people. Eat amazingly delicious and healthy breakfast and make meaningful connections to change the world’. For her intimate early breakfast sessions Kate brings people who share something in common – on this instance these were people who work in wellness and healthy lifestyle startup space who could help inspire, empower and each other.

Working on exciting an wellness startup that I cannot wait to launch very soon – WandrCard that will reward your healthier lifestyle choices (for example you can get a free massage when you book a stay with one of the selected yoga retreats) – I was happy to meet a Scandinavian retreats organiser, a girl who is setting up a healthy food cafe and a couple of other fantastic people!

the hot breakfast kate pumphrey

The wellness discussions started with a Fairtrade, Grade 5 coffee was sourced straight from Latin American smallholders by Cafedirect (some preferred Ceylon and Jade Green teas carefully purveyed by Good & Proper Tea) and continued over a  selection of delicious home-made dishes:

  • the almond and apple pancakes were a baking (not frying!) experiment, involving seasonal Bramley apples, almond butter, some organic eggs (hatched in Kate’s mother’s neighbour’s coop in Suffolk), cinammon, vanilla and a dash of baking powder
  • the acai superfood mix was a blend of blueberries, bananas (frozen to bring out that caramelised taste), acai, activated brazil nuts and almond milk, topped with goji berries, cacao nibs, bee pollen and crispy apple peel
  • and the homemade granola (refined sugar-free) and almond espresso “butter” were HotBreakfast specials.

the hot breakfast kate pumphrey

Founded by Kate Pumphreys, an ex-lawyer who quit her high-paying job to pursue opportunities that make positive impact on the world we live in, The Hot Breakfast is open to anyone who wishes to make a positive impact through their work. Past attendees include guests with diverse backgrounds: from entrepreneurs to engineers, lawyers, musicians, artists, accountants, yogis and many more.

You are guaranteed to leave the breakfast not only with a full stomach but also full of ideas, inspiration and new friends and contacts.

the hot breakfast kate pumphrey
Anyone keen to attend a Hot Breakfast is asked to complete a form setting out their occupation and interests, and indicating the subject area, experience or professions that they would like to learn more about. You are then invited to join one of the breakfasts that matches your interests, with a maximum of eight people. Breakfasts are very informal, but everyone is given the opportunity to talk about what they do or the issues that particularly interest them.

After each breakfast Kate sends out an email to all the participants summarising the key points raised during the breakfast and encouraging the participants to connect. So if you need a new way to kickstart the new you by connecting with likeminded people on a Tuesday morning, with homemade and wholesome breakfast made of seasonal, local produce, you now know how to do it.

For an invitation to attend one of The Hot Breakfast sessions register here.