SPiN San Francisco Opens Its Doors in SOMA

SPiN San Francisco Opens Its Doors in SOMA My rating: 5 out of 5

Earlier this month Wall Street Journal posted an article about tech bubble that is about to burst in San Francisco and the Bay Area using ping pong tables as an indicator of the downturn (less ping pong sales = startups are not doing great). While it’s not clear if the article took into account the growing popularity of ping pong social clubs, SPiN San Francisco that had a grand opening on Thursday with insta-famous comedian The Fat Jewish and a funky tech and art crowd  demonstrated that if startups don’t order ping pong tables, startup crowd gets their ping pong fun elsewhere – at SPiN San Francisco to be precise! 🙂

Spin San Francisco


The launch party

Having launched with a bang on Thursday night, SPiN put on a fantastic show with a smashing ping pong game by professional ping pong players, impressive moves breakdancers, a beatboxer performance and the company of the fun and quirky The Fat Jewish and his crew. White Girl Rose (‘We are all pink on the inside’ is the brand’s streamline) was available in excess quantities, as well as champagne, wine, spirits and various cocktails as well as delicious fingerfood.

With investors, startup founders, journalists and celebrities mingling with each other at the event, some said the party was over the top for the relaxed San Francisco. For me it reminded me of fun times in London where parties, drinks and launch events like this are a part of the daily blogger life. 🙂 Don’t be put off by these comments though and check the place out!

Spin San Francisco

Spin San Francisco

What’s On The Table

SPiN San Francisco has 19 STIGA tables, two bars, a VIP lounge and an outdoor patio to offer, being a family-friendly place by day and a funky bar by night. With its doors open from 11 AM and closing at midnight on Sundays and Mondays, 1 am on Tues-Weds and serving late night drinks till 2 am on Thurs-Sat, SPiN is about delicious cocktail menu, gourmet finger foods by local chef Mike Betancourt and of course a fun way to hang out with friends and meet people over ping pong.

Spin San Francisco

As you can see SPiN is lots of fun!!! Ping pong must be the first game where I actually hit the ball! (Picture credit: SPiN San Francisco website)

The Art Of SPiN

Even if for some reason you are not into ping pong, stop by SPiN for check out its funky design and art by California-based artists such as David Flores and Shepard Fairey (the artist who created Obama “Hope” campaign poster).

SPiN also prouds itself for its connection with the local community. With the help of Susan Sarandon, the actress, activist and SPiN co-founder, the club partnered with the Glide Foundation to offer ping pong programs for local underserved youth. SPiN San Francisco is also carbon neutral: it offsets its emissions into local ecological programs.

Spin San Francisco

What takes to SPiN

SPiN is competitively priced at $19 for 30 mins ($29 per hour) during off-peak hours and $29 for 30 mins ($49 per hour) during peak hours. You can also become a member and book ping pong tables at the discounted prices.



SPiN San Francisco

690 Folsom Street, San Francisco