Getting A Hot Date Is No Sweat With Sweatt Dating App

As much as we are pressured by media and what not to become healthier and fitter, gym rats are getting a bad press  (just think about the phrase ‘gym rats’ – what the heck?!). When you are committed to take good care of your body and mind (and if going to the gym is a part of that routine) it’s very understandable if you want to date someone who’s on the same page.  Having been inspired by stories of people who met at the gym, Dan Ilani decided to help people match with likeminded gym bunnies – with Sweatt dating app.

No sweat profile set up

In the app you select two types of fitness you are most into (you have from bootcamp, crossfit, spin, yoga, weightlifting to dancing team sports, outdoors and many more), your fuel (paleo, raw, vegan, carnivore, low-carb and other nutrition plans to choose from), workout time and include a little bio and lots of pictures flaunting that fitness body. You then swipe, as you do, and match with other fitness enthusiasts.

The app’s algorithm is very smart so if you are a guy who loves crossfit and weightlifting, you will still be matched with a girl who loves yoga and pilates. What you will have in common is not necessarily a specific type of exercise but a mindset to be healthy and fit.

sweatt dating app sweatt dating app


Dating etiquette

Meeting someone via a dating app is totally acceptable now, so I asked Dan a few questions about the actual matching and life on dates including how long one should chat to their match on the app before meeting up, should you tell your date that it’s not only the first one but also the last one, how quickly you move on to checking each other in bed. (Read on to see if Dan believes in love at the first swipe!)

  • How long do you recommend people talk on the app before meeting up? 
  • Dan: I don’t think there is a standard rule to it; it really depends on the depth of the conversations versus the amount of time. Everyone goes at their own pace and it should feel organic, not forced before you are ready to meet up.
  • Do you think people should go on a date in the gym / take a fitness class together as their first date or go for a drink/dinner?
  • Dan: I think an active date is always a great way to break the ice, but this app isn’t about just doing active dates together. It’s about finding someone who enjoys life (dining out, having drinks, etc.) as well as living a fit and healthy lifestyle.
  • What are the best opening lines for guys, in your opinion? For girls? 
  • Dan: “Hi” actually works more than you’d think. That said, nothing works better than being yourself. If you’re funny, be funny. If you’re not funny don’t force it.  We find that commenting on a specific element in someone’s profile projects a more personalized approach and doesn’t feel like you are just blasting out the same opener to everyone. people respond to that level of attention.
  • What should one do if they matched with someone from their gym, went on a date, it didn’t go well and then thy see each other at the gym still? 
  • Dan: If they had an initial attraction or interest in one another and it didn’t work out that is unfortunate but it’d be the same situation if they met at the gym and had to face each other afterwards. Sweatt actually increases your chances of meeting people outside your own gym, so the odds are much better as the pool of likeminded people expands.
  • Do you think people should tell each other if they didn’t enjoy the date/don’t want to see the person again? How? 
  • Dan: Honesty always seems to yeild the best results. First dates are about exploration, just because you don’t connect doesn’t mean that both people aren’t amazing. Focus on the connection and don’t worry about critiquing the other person, just worry about whether they are right for you or not.
  • What’s your opinion on how many dates should one wait before having sex? How long did you wait? 
  • Dan: Sex is hyper personal. We definitely belive that people should really know the other person before getting intimate but every relationship moves at a different pace.  Dating apps are a tool to filter and meet more of the right people. They are not intended to supplant your normal dating policies.  It’s about the initial connection, after that people should be true to themselves.

sweatt dating app dan ilani


What else you need to know about Sweatt

  • How did you come up with the idea – is there a personal story in it? 🙂 
  • Dan: I came up with SWEATT during a particular sweaty studio workout session.  I was single at the time and was invited to the class by my friend and her husband.  While holding what felt like a 7 minute plank my mind began to wander and I started thinking about how healthy and compatible my friends were, working out together, sharing similar views on a healthy lifestyle and more than that a shared outlook on life and similar value set. I then started making a list of all the best couples i knew, they all shared a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. The rest is history.
  • What are the highlights of matches that happened so far? Do people prefer to match with people with similar fitness and nutrition preferences or opposite? 
  • Dan: We find that there is no science to compatibility but the more similar people lifestyle patterns are the quicker and stronger the connection.  People are matching across dicsiplines, yogi’s matching with crossfitters and Spinners meeting runners and so on. What we find is that people are definitely matching around frequency of workouts and time of day more than any other metric.
  • The app is heavily photo-based – how important are looks for you personally in a partner? 
  • Dan: I created this app because I think it goes beyond just looks. As an avid fitness enthusiast it is more important to find someone with a similar lifestyle and mindset as me, than just appearance; and that’s what I find sexy and attractive.  That said, we do believe that the choices of photos that people make tell a lot about who they are and what they are looking for. Photos tell stories and stories connect people.
  • Who should download Sweatt and what’s your ‘promise’? 
  • Dan: Anyone with a commitment to a fit and healthy lifestyle who is looking to meet likeminded people for dates should download immediately.  There’s nothing like it out there and the odds of meeting the right people is so much greater than leaving it to chance alone. Our promise is that no other app out there will curate the right mix of people like Sweatt does.

sweatt dating app sweatt dating app

Love at first swipe?

With lots of potential matches being just one (or few) swipes, is there love at the first swipe? Dan believes that ‘people who are committed to fitness are people who invest in themselves and work hard for the things they want in life. The more curated the community the greater your odds of finding love at first swipe.  Other dating apps just make the haystack bigger, and you still need to search for the needle. Sweatt on the other hand creates a mountain of needles’!

The app started in New York and is hitting Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Will you give it a shot? What are your thoughts on online dating? I would love to hear from you – share your thoughts in comments here or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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