Author: innavationpr


Yoyo In Full Effect

Among all of those hundreds of apps that land on my devices during the moments of joy, sadness and god knows what other reasons, the ones that survive ruthless monthly app cleaning are: 1) practical, 2) quick and 3) simple…

Driving Revenge

It's hugely disappointing. And inspiring and motivating. It's so annoying that your progress fluctuates like a badly-managed company's performance in shaky times. Still it's massively rewarding - that feeling when you do hit the tee and the ball goes up…

BBM-me, BBM-me not

It's not really about which car you drive or which school you went to anymore. It's iOS or Android. Not great news when you're a loyal BlackBerry owner. 'The company is going downhill', 'They will be bought by someone else…

Disconnect to connect Saturday morning inspiration - give yourself and your family some quality time and connect with them by disconnecting from your devices. Funny enough i can share this video by typing away on my iPad ;) Happy Saturday everyone!