The Curious Case of SuperFrank Maine

People often talk about the elusive work-life balance that is supposed to be key to one's happiness. SuperFrank - who has an absolutely incredible life and business story to tell (owning a jet company and being James Brown's Manager to name a few) with…

8 Miles of MBA By Eminem

Whether you are indeed pursuing the opportunities that MBA programmes offer or not, you might still find this article 'How to get an MBA from Eminem' on TechCrunch brilliant and quite insightful. Great read. Enjoy!

No More Change. Just Yoyo

They say change is great, and I agree. Unless by ‘change’ one actually means coins and notes. Which I never seem to have with me, and therefore have to waste the precious time queueing up to an ATM. The great…

Finance Course Explained One of the strongest benefits of doing an MBA is challenging your existing knowledge and experience and breaking through into new areas. Which is very exciting and challenging, too! If, like me, for example, you have marketing communications background,…

Digitally Aged?

According to Reddit (via Mashable) - this web-site is the best: In our digital age some flashy heavy web-sites have aged too fast too soon already. The one who disagrees has to be ASmallWorld... :)

Unicorns & Startups

'When I was in college guys pretended they are in a band, now they pretend they are in a start-up'(c). Technology development, internet penetration growth across the world and active movement of the generations of self-made proactive entrepreneurs are making…
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