Pancake Confessions

Whether you will fast for Lent or stick to your guilty pleasures no matter what, digging into pancakes on a Shrove Tuesday is a good way to indulge your taste buds and celebrate spring's arrival. With London being inundated with…
Music Moment

Super Bowl on Mars There's no way you would one would avoid sports this weekend. Who would have thought that - before I knew it - I'd find myself watching Rugby Union Six Nations (I must say, the fact that I forgot to…
Music Moment

Music For Lunch Anyone?

When did you last spent your lunch immersing yourself in Strauss or Tchaikovsky music? Performed beautifully by very talented musicians. In a beautiful classic venue. (Hopefully, you didn't actually EAT your lunch there - otherwise, get some manners!:) ) If…

8 Miles of MBA By Eminem

Whether you are indeed pursuing the opportunities that MBA programmes offer or not, you might still find this article 'How to get an MBA from Eminem' on TechCrunch brilliant and quite insightful. Great read. Enjoy!